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Frequency Asked Questions

How can I ask the Parish Council Questions? We can take questions in a number of ways. 1.Email the Parish Clerk – 2.Contact Us Page – On this website 3.Attending a Parish Council Meeting We will always respond to you immediately but it may take time to gather feedback to your question if this involves other parties or the consultation of members of the Parish Council. The response will always be to the requester but if it is felt that there is a general interest, then the response will also be shared under our FAQ section on this website and if relevant, with the community Facebook page.

Are the Parish Council making any contribution to the New Crossing? The Parish Council have various streams of revenue of which the village community contribute via a “precept” (Council Tax) There are no plans to use this fund for the New Crossing due in May 2024 We have, however, been asked by LCC to contribute £10k from a potential Solar Farm Fund if this was forthcoming and generated a revenue income. This has yet to happen and as such no payment by LCC is expected from Great Gonerby Parish Council for this development.

Can I attend Council Meetings? Yes you can. Meetings are published on this site and can be attended by members of the public.

Can I become a Councillor? Vacancies for Councillors are posted on this website when they become available.

How do I report an Issue to the Parish Council? Please email the Parish Clerk using the Contact Us page on this website.

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