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Policies & Procedures

 1. The business of the Parish Clerk is conducted primarily from home. The law requires employers to consider carefully and deal with any of the Health and Safety risks for employees working from home. The Health and Safety Executive considers office work to be a low risk type of work.

2. As an employee the clerk has responsibility to take reasonable care of his / her own Health and Safety and the Health and Safety of others affected by what they may do.

3. It is the clerk’s responsibility to report all employment related incidents or hazards to the Parish Council Chair.

4. As an employer the Parish Council has a duty to report and keep a record of certain accidents, injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences. There is also a duty under social security legislation to record accidents involving personal injury (the Statutory Accident Book requirement).

5. The Parish Council has overall responsibility for ensuring there are arrangements for identifying, evaluating and managing the risk associated with home working. The Parish Council’s Risk Assessment requires the clerk to undertake a risk questionnaire relating to the risks arising of the use of his / her home as an office not less than every four years. The result of the questionnaire is to be reported to the parish council and any issues arising from this are to be reviewed and actioned. If deemed necessary an inspection will be undertaken by a councillor with prior notification and agreement with the clerk.

6. The Office Risk Assessment Questionnaire is based on the template downloaded from the Health and Safety Executive website and covers:

• Slips and Trips

• Manual Handling

• Health of workers in the office environment

• Computers, laptops and similar equipment (including Work Station Assessment)

• Fire

• Work Equipment (of the work equipment used at home as an employer the Parish Council is only responsible for the equipment it supplies, however the questionnaire covers all office equipment used in the course of the clerk’s work)

• Lone Working (see also lone working policy)

• Gas appliances

7. The clerk is encouraged to access to the free leaflets on the HSE website - , in particular relating to Home Working, Manual Handling, Computers / Working with Display Screen Equipment

8. The council recognises the need of the clerk as a home based worker to be “kept in the loop”. Regular meetings are scheduled with the chair to discuss work progress, issues etc. and give feedback on performance. The chair is also approachable by phone and email.

9. The Council will ensure measures are in place preventing the Clerk from being isolated from the rest of his/her professional community. Means are in place as part of the job description for Membership of the professional body the Society of Local Council Clerks. Attendance at training and other events organised by the (for example the District and County Councils and LRALC) is encouraged

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