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Council Minutes - 2018

September 2018

GREAT GONERBY PARISH COUNCIL Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 4th September 2018 at 7.00pm at the Memorial Hall Present: Cllr. Hutchinson Chairman, Cllr. Thompson Vice Chairman, Cllr. A Critchley and Cllr J Critchley 1. Apologies: Cllrs Hammond Business Commitments, Stedman family commitments, I Stokes Business Commitments, and D Watson Unwell, LCC Cllrs Maughan and Kayberry-Brown Apologies to be recorded only. Cllr. Rodger also tendered apologies and advised that unfortunately no longer able to continue as a Councillor 2. Declarations of Interest/Dispensations None. 3. Minutes signed from previous Meeting With the exception of the following amendments the Minutes were signed as a correct record. Proposed by Cllr. Blake Hutchinson and seconded by Cllr. J Thompson. Item 3 The first sentence should read With the exception of the need to clarify why the letter was sent to Cllr S Stokes ….. Item 13 Should read A new Chief Executive had joined LCC this week from Wolverhampton and The LCC met on the 2nd July and have agreed to extend the Children’s Care Leavers Scheme to the age of 25. 4. Official Correspondence and Circulation A further email has been received from Robert Love of Bidwells requesting to meet with Councillors. After a discussion it was decided it was not appropriate to arrange such a meeting at this stage but consideration will be given to any further request after the Plans have been submitted. An article in the Grantham Journal gave details of Help for struggling Parish Councils in the form of temporary appointments. This is something the Council may have to request if numbers drop any further. SKDC have forwarded Updated Registers of Electors for July and August Cllr Maughan submitted his LCC Bulletin for September 2018 which was distributed to Councillors prior to the meeting. One Item made reference to Grantham Hospital and advised: “No decision expected on A&E until the STP is complete, which won’t be until 2019. Cllr Hill (LCC)( and Cllr Matthews (SKDC) recently sent a letter to ULHT demanding more transparency over their plans. The Minor Injuries Unit at Grantham will be replaced by a GP led out of hours service, following consultation in June/July. LCC continues to pressurise ULHT but unfortunately they are not the decision makers.” Lincolnshire Fire Service has sent a Community Emergency Planning document – this was not something the Council wished to implement at this time. LALC has made the Council aware of new funding available from the Integrated Communities Innovation Fund. Community Heartbeat has advised of the importance of keeping the CPAD cabinet clean and tidy. We have a Contract in place to cover this. Further correspondence received from Nat and Sandra Neal with regard to the Missing footpath Link between Footpaths 4 and 5. This is something that the Parish Council already have in hand and have been in touch with LCC. The grass has been cut where it should not and left where it should have been cut. Further correspondence from a parishioner with regard to the need for dog bins. This is something that the Council is not going to install as the current arrangements are satisfactory. Circulation The following items were circulated:- LALC Annual Report 2017/18 News from Larkfleet –building Sustainability Community Heartbeat – The Emergency Services Show 19th-20th September 2018 Latest News from Dr Caroline Johnson MP Community Lincs News and Updates Bulletin July 2018 War Memorials Trust Bulletin Police and Crime Commissioner Annual Report 2017-18 5. Clerk and Members to report back on matters Outstanding:- a) The Clerk advised the Parish Council had been successful in their application for a Grant from the War Memorial Trust in the sum of £740 and this sum will be put toward the general clean up and restoration of the War Memorial taking place in September 2018. b) The Pond Sculpture has now been delivered and paid for. c) The building works to the Pond area are to be carried out by Ian Carroll Ltd and work is scheduled to commence on the 12th September 2018. d) The Clerk produced two quotations to trim the hedges at the churchyard back to 6 foot and it was agreed to appoint Belvoir Trees to carry out the work. 6. Review of Internal Audit Plan and Health and Safety Policy The Chairman read the Internal Audit Plan to the Councillors and it was agreed no amendments were needed. The Chairman advised the Health and Safety Policy was reviewed in 2010 and there was no reason to re-visit. 7. Review of Fixed Asset Register The Chairman asked the Clerk to phone LALC to ascertain whether or not the Multi Sports Area and other leased items should be included on the registered as this is leased to the Memorial Hall for 125 years. It was agreed to write off the Fujitsu Laptop and Epson Printer as these date back to July 2007. The Clerk was asked to include the new Clock Pelter Sculpture on the Fixed Asset Register and also to make sure this is included in the Insurance Policy. 8. Arrangements for Remembrance Sunday – 100th Anniversary After a discussion it was agreed that the usual arrangements for flag raising and lowering on Remembrance Sunday will be put in place. As the War Memorial will have undergone a recent clean-up it was agreed to put another article in the Grantham Journal bringing the event to the attention of all parishioners. 9. Financial Matters a) Quarterly Summary of Accounts to June 30th 2018 The Clerk produced the Accounts to 30th June but regretted to advise that an excess had been recorded as a “Receipt” in the sum of £29.12 to enable the Accounts to balance going into Q2 The Q1 Accounts were duly signed by the Chairman The Clerk produced the following Budget Report Payments: Hall Rent- Paid up to June within budget – no Account received recently Office Costs- Within budget. Donations/grants- none made Insurance- well under budget Audit fees- over budget due to increase in external auditors fees increase this year on change of External Auditor Training- Clerk booked to attend Burials Course £27.50 There have been two payments of £126 to Community Heartbeat as no payment was made last year Burial – No expenditure S137 – No expenditure Staff salary- within budget Receipts: General Admin Costs- to budget Burial – Below Budget Interest- slight increase on budget for quarter b) Report on Petty Cash The Petty Cash Book was checked and signed by the Chairman c) Accounts for Payment The Clerk produced the following for payment Payments DateMethodPayeeDetailsAmount 26.06.18ChequeCommunity HeartbeatDefibrillator Annual Support126.00 30.06.18TransferBDG Mowing ContractorsGrass Cutting164.00 4.7.18TransferAnthony JacksonInstalling Planters65.00 4.7.18ChequeE J WalkerComputer Ink21.63 9.7.18ChequeE J WalkerComputer Ink20.39 17.07.18TransferStaff CostsJuly salaries & computer436.87 17.07.18TransferBDG Mowing ContractorsGrass Cutting194.00 23.07.18ChequeSardeson SculptureClock Pelter2000.00 31.07.18ChequePKF LittlejohnAudited Accounts360.00 28.08.18ChequeLadywell Accountancy ServicesPAYE 2018/1962.00 28.08.18ChequeH M Revenue & CustomsTax Payment315.00 30.08.18TransferStaff Costs and ComputerAugust Salaries436.87 Recepits 6.7.18 ShepherdsErection of Memorial125.00 31.07.18 HSBCMM Account Interest July1.99 06.08.18 G H LinnellMemorial Plot B2 (Hall)200.00 31.07.18 HSBCMM Account Interest August2.10 Transfers 14.08.18TransferMM AccountCurrent Account2,360.00 29.08.18TransferMM AccountCurrent Account436.00 The above were approved for payment – Proposed by Cllr Thompson and seconded by Cllr J Critchley. d) External auditor Report PKF Accountants and Business Advisors have completed their review of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) and have advised as follows:- The AGAR was not fully completed before submission for review. The AGAR had to be resubmitted for amendment to insert the date of approval for Section 1, the Minute reference and the Clerk’s signature. It was noted the incorrect Minute references had been included within Sections 1 and 2. The Minute reference for Section 1 had been inserted as 9b and the Minute reference for Section 2 had been inserted as 9a. The Minutes of the Meeting were reviewed and it would be seen that the approval of the AGAR had taken place in the correct order ie the correct Minute reference for Section 1 was 9b and the correct Minute reference of Section 2 was 9c. 10. Advisory Groups a) Planning The following planning Applications were presented to the Meeting:- Planning: (SK Planning Meeting 18th September 2018.) S18/0906 28 Pond Street, Great Gonerby Two storey side extension – Permission Granted S18/0197 3 Long Street Great Gonerby – Demolition of existing wall and erection of new boundary walls – Consent has been granted S18/0662 Mill House Gonerby Grange – Use of land for the keeping of horses and associated works. Permission Granted S18/0607 Erection of two storey extension to side and rear of dwelling house – Permission Granted S18/1055 – Two storey rear and side extension, single storey rear extension and single storey front extension. Permission Granted S18/0956 – 29 Green Street Change of Use from agricultural Land to Garden Land – Permission Granted S16/2819 Land at Rectory Farm – Residential development for 212 dwellings, formation of public open space, provision of access and drainage works S16/2816 Land at Rectory Farm – Residential development of 219 dwellings S18/1170 78 Long Street, Great Gonerby (Listed Building) Installation of traditional style veranda S18/1169 78 Long Street, Great Gonerby (Listed Building) Installations of traditional style veranda S18/1187 Land to Rear of 4 Pond Street – Erection of two single storey dwellings. S18/1457 Land to the North of Longcliffe Road, Grantham – Submission for approval of reserved matters pursuant to outline permission S15/3189 S18/1470 – Hidepark Leather Co Ltd, College Farm, Old Great North Road – Certificate of lawfulness relating to the existing use of building for Use Class B8 Storage and Distribution (importing, selling and distribution of leather fashion goods) without compliance with Condition 2 of S07/0891/37 b) The Environment A discussion took place about future grass cutting following the disaster this year due to only two cuts being carried out by LCC Highways. The Chairman asked the Clerk to contact Highways to request a Map showing the grass cutting areas and to enquire how much they would pay the Parish Council to taken on the responsibility of the Village grass cutting from next year. c) Amenity Areas It was reported that all the Heritage signs apart from two were now in situ. The outstanding two will be dealt with soon. It was reported the fence to Hilltop Cemetery had been damaged and knocked over. As a temporary measure the fence has been propped up with metal stakes. Two quotes for the replacement of the fence were produced and a discussion took place as to the best way forward. It was agreed that Cllr. A Critchley would make enquiries as to the correct materials to use and will report back with costings to enable a budget to be produced for the new fence. It has been agreed that the fence needs to look good and further planting will take place once the new fence is in situ. d) Highway Matters LCC have forwarded an updated Highway report indicating all reported matters were being dealt with. 11. Notices of motions for future meeting None reported. 12. Any Matters for urgent discussion The Clerk advised that Reverend Peter had written requesting that the area to the side of the War Memorial is tidied and re-seeded with grass as the current state is letting the area down. This is something the Parish Council have agreed to carry out. Security at Hilltop Cemetery was discussed and enquiries are to be made as to the cost for a further security camera to be mounted on the Memorial Hall and a further request for police to monitor the area. The Parish Council now have three vacancies for Councillors and the Clerk agreed to email round requesting assistance in recruiting more Councillors by word of mouth. Another poster will also be displayed on the Notice Board and at the Memorial Hall. There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:15 Flag Flying Days: October 1st Lincolnshire Day October 21st Trafalgar Day

October 2018

GREAT GONERBY PARISH COUNCIL Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 2nd October 2018 at 7.30pm at the Memorial Hall Present: Cllr. Hutchinson Chairman, Cllr. Thompson Vice Chairman, Cllr. A Critchley and Cllr J Critchley, Cllr I Hammond, Cllr. R Stedman, Cllr D Watson and LCC Cllr. Maughan 1. Apologies: Cllr I Stokes – work commitments Apologies to be recorded only. 2. Declarations of Interest/Dispensations Cllrs A and J Critchley 3. Minutes signed from previous Meeting The minutes from the previous meeting were signed as a true record. Proposed by Cllr. B Hutchinson and seconded by Cllr. J Thompson. 4. Official Correspondence and Circulation Following a reported problem with the Village Defibrillator the Clerk advised the meeting that there was a problem with the battery in as much as it was only charging to 50%, despite the fact that a green light on the equipment indicated otherwise. The Clerk advised that another battery had been ordered and would be installed as soon as possible. A discussion took place as to whether or not the green light should have been on if the battery was only half charged, and the Clerk agreed to take the matter up with Heartbeat and ask for guidance on how to check the equipment. An email has been received from a couple of residents in Covill Close hi-lighting car parking problems at weekends in the Close and along Belton Lane. A discussion took place and it was agreed that contact would be made with Andy Mayer, who runs the Youth Football, asking him to request consideration when parking cars at the weekend and not to block driveways or park on junctions blocking visibility. Contract Grass Cutting – The clerk advised that she was still waiting for a response from LCC Highways. Cllr Maughan agreed to chase this. A text message had been received from residents on Grantham Road advising that some hedge had been removed, however, it is now noted that a new hedge has been replanted. An email from Reverend Peter had been received confirming arrangements for Remembrance Sunday were in order. An email had been received advising one of the white posts on Grantham Road had fallen over and the others needed cleaning and also drawing the Council’s attention to the Potholes on Marratts Lane. The Clerk advised that the White post had been replaced and the others cleaned and painted. It was also confirmed the potholes are receiving attention from LCC Highways. A parishioner had written in expressing concern as to the state of Belton Lane. This matter had been reported to LCC Highways for attention. The Chairman showed the meeting the new Co-Option form which needs to be completed in future. Circulation Community Lincs News and Updates Bulletin Activate your Community – information has been passed to Andy Mayer September Issue of Clerks and Councils Direct Wicksteed Playground Maintenance leaflet. 5. Clerk and Members to report back on matters Outstanding:- a) As requested the Clerk contacted LALC and was able to confirm that items which are on loan to the Memorial should be included on the Fixed Asset Register. The Clerk also noted that a First Aid Kit was included on the Fixed Asset Register and it was agreed that this should be written off as the contents are out of date. b) The Clerk confirmed the Clock Pelter was now included on the Council’s Insurance Policy and also on the Fixed Asset Register. 6. Confirmation of appointment of M L Hall as Internal Auditor The Clerk confirmed that she had received confirmation from Mr Hall that he will be pleased to carry out the Internal Audit next year. 7. Financial Matters The Clerk advised the meeting that the excess money in the Accounts as at Q1 end as reported at the previous meeting had now been accounted for and the Balance Sheet amended. The Clerk advised that Q2 Accounts had been distributed to all Councillors and these were signed off as a true record by the Chairman. a) Report and Count Petty Cash The Clerk reported on the Petty Cash, the balance being £19.91. The Chairman counted the cash and signed off the petty cash account as a correct record. b) Accounts for Payment The Clerk produced the following for payment:- Payments 06.09.18ChequesJ ThompsonPlants and fittings for Hanging Baskets73.44 06.09.18TransferBDG Mowing Contractors2 x Grass Cutting164.00 15.09.18TransferMemorial HallHall Rent July/Aug/Sept60.00 15.09.18ChequesCommunity Lincs InsuranceExtra Premium for Clock Pelter15.43 15.09.18ChequesLALCBurials Course for J Walker27.50 18.09.18ChequesBlake HutchinsonReimbursement for hanging basket clamps and fixings68.81 26.09.18ChequesSmith of DerbyChurch Clock Repairs180.00 26.09.18TransferAnthony JacksonPainting and Repairing White Posts95.00 30.09.18TransferStaff Costs and ComputerSeptember Salaries436.87 Recepits 30.09.18 Bank Interest 6.31 Transfer 24.09.18 MM AccountCurrent Account5500.00 The above were approved for payment – Proposed by Cllr Thompson and seconded by Cllr. Stokes c) Budget Suggestions for 2019/20 Elections – A discussion took place with regard to the cost of Elections and it was proposed to increase the budget figure to £250 but it was agreed that it may be necessary to increase this figure. Verge Cutting - As it is proposed to take over the LCC Verge cutting contract from May 2019, allowing for six cuts a season, the cost of two would be covered by a Grant from LCC leaving the Parish Council to cover the cost of four cuts per season. It was agreed to include a figure of £3000 in the 2019/20 Budget to cover the cost of this. Proposed Cllr Hutchinson and seconded by Cllr. J Thompson. High Street Planting – The Clerk was requested to write to home owners who did not join the Scheme this year asking if they would like to join and also to write to Home Owners who partook this year thanking them for looking after the planters and asking if they would like to participate again next year. There is still money in the reserve to cover the cost of any expansion of the scheme. The Clerk produced a letter which HSBC had requested to enable her to cash cheques. This was signed by Cllrs Hutchinson and Thompson. 8. Advisory Groups a) Planning The following planning Applications were presented to the Meeting:- S18/1288 - 10 Grantham Road, Great Gonerby – Replace existing single garage and shed with timber framed double garage S18/1236 – Hook Cliff Farm, Newark Hill, Great Gonerby – Green waste storage and processing for cattle bedding for use on farm holding at Hook Cliff Farm. S18/1514 – 29 Green Street, Great Gonerby – Internal alterations to reinstate property into one dwelling, removal of staircase and creation of an opening in partition wall; removal of stud partitions and w.c. fixtures and fittings to create hallway access; reinstatement of landing on first floor. S18/1515 – 3 Grantham Road – Demolition and re-erection of existing extensions, removal of loft conversion and construction of detached garage. b) The Environment A discussion took place as to ownership of hedges that back onto public footpaths and it was agreed that householders should be responsible for maintaining hedges. Cllr. Thompson advised that the High Street hanging baskets were looking fine now but come November they will need to be taken down and stored for winter. Heritage Signs – This remains outstanding but the two remaining sign will soon be in situ. c) Amenity Areas Parish Notice Board - It has been noted that the Parish Council Notice Board has been damaged. The Chairman has spoken to the owner of the Village Shop and he has agreed to look at CTV footage to try establish what has happened. The Clerk has agreed to deal with this and the matter will be reported to the Police once it is established what has happened. Grass Cutting Specification – This was agreed in line with previous years but in addition to ask for quotes to cut the Village verges. Weed Spraying Specification – This was agreed in line with previous years with the proviso that dead vegetation from previous years should be removed from site. Hedge Cutting Specification – This was agreed in line with previous years. Pond Site – The Chairman and Clerk met with Ian Carroll to discuss further renovations to the Pond Site. The original quotation was just for the installation of the plinth and Ian Carroll has agreed to carry on with the renovations and will arrange for another quote to be submitted by the beginning of November. It was agreed that the Clock Pelter would not be installed until all the renovations had been undertaken at which time an opening ceremony would be arranged. Fencing at Hill Top Cemetery – It was agreed that another quote is needed and this will be sought and presented at the next meeting. Security at Hill Top – The Memorial Hall are obtaining further quotes for the installation of additional cameras and once figures are known the Clerk agreed to email Councillors with a view to getting agreement for the work to be carried out without delay. Christmas Tree Lights – the Clerk agreed to make arrangements for the lights on the Christmas tree in line with previous years. Hedge Cutting at St Sebastian’s – The Clerk advised that the hedge will be cut during the School half-term and arrangements had been made with the School. d) Highway Matters The Clerk agreed to make arrangements for the bus shelter on Kelham Road to be cleaned. LCC Highways have advised of Belton Lane Road Bridge closures on numerous dates and times. LCC Highways have produced an update on outstanding road repairs. 9. Notices of motions for future meeting It was reported the November Meeting had been cancelled due to staff shortages. 10. Any Matters for urgent discussion The Clerk requesting assistance with sorting the contents of two filing cabinets at the Hall, as she needs to make room for further filing. It was agreed the Clerk would purchase some archive boxes and archive filing will take place during the Christmas holidays. There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:00 Flag Flying Days: 11th November Remembrance Day 12th November Remembrance Sunday 14th November Birthday of Prince of Wales 20th November Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II Wedding Day

December 2018

No Meeting

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